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Division focused on environmental measuring equipment and applications for industry. For specific industries it is possible to create measurement monitoring systems.  Some of the industries we can serve are:


The cleanrooms and other critical environments require measurement environment for consistently high performance and operate within specifications. Measuring humidity and temperature can be especially difficult and important in a critical environment. 

The hospital environments require safe monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week, to keep drugs, vaccines, blood and tissues, and other important medical devices and equipment within the tolerance limits of humidity and temperature specified.

Environmental Monitoring for quality in the calibrations and repeated measurements, for quality control and for evaluations of accreditation and regulation, the laboratories administrators have a simple access to data of environmental conditions, insurance records and complete access, alarms safe and reliable measurements 

Our solutions for remote monitoring of variables, especially the cold chain at the stages of storage, transport and distribution; allow ensure that the quality and thermal integrity of the products has not been interrupted at any time.

There are rules to carry out best practices for storage and shipping, these are used to preserve or store drugs, biotechnology and medical devices that require an environmental management system to control the temperature, humidity and other variables that may affect the purity , quality and product safety.

Greenhouses are closed environments where conditions for plant growth are optimized. Optimal controls require information from internal and external environments. Generally, in the greenhouse carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity and temperature are measured. Among the measurement parameters are outside the speed and direction of wind, rain and solar radiation

Climatik offers a range of specialized equipment and stable measurement for the electrical industry that helps protect high voltage assets and extend the life of assets. The accurate and reliable measurements of relative humidity, dew point, moisture present in the oil and barometric pressure allow operation maximize efficiency and optimize profitable maintenance. 

The maritime standards require data and meteorological data records on ships, with these data, the captain of the ship is able to use them to navigate in storms, increasing the safety of passengers and crew.

Measuring instruments highest quality are essential when optimizing the air conditioning controls, Climatik provides reliable and accurate instruments for measuring carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature. They can be used indoors and outdoors and can be installed on walls or in ventilation ducts. 

Modern automotive coatings are sensitive to environmental conditions during application. Humidity control in the air box and paint booths ensures efficient processes and a high quality finish. 

The dryer performance is critical when materials are sensitive to moisture, such as PET resin and nylon, they must be dried before being molded. measuring the dew point can be used to monitor performance or conditions of the dryer hopper, and ensure that the drying process remains within specification.

Solutions weather stations that provides accurate, real-time continuous recording of temperature, relative humidity, wind, rain, solar radiation and leaf wetness. Its analytical features incorporated include rates of disease, freezing and wet bulb. The time module and Environment is typically combined with the integrated alert to immediately notify producers of hazardous weather conditions.

Climatik offers a wide range of range lights which are used to indicate a place geographical or potentially hazardous situation, these are installed in the most rigorous and severe environments  planet, signaling from airports, heliports, airfields, ports, meteorological towers, wind turbines, cranes or nuclear power plants up to road systems such as highways or roads.

A complete solution to avoid collisions between cranes working at the same level, at different levels or between cranes with fixed obstacles. Our system also allows management of banned areas.